von der Römischen Kaiserzeit bis zum Mittelalter

Workshop “Theory and Models” II

Workshop “Theory and Models” II, SPP 1630 „Häfen von der Römischen Kaiserzeit bis zum Mittelalter“

Venue: Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum (RGZM), Forschungsinstitut für Archäologie, Ernst-Ludwig-Platz 2, 55116 Mainz

Date: June 12th-13th 2014

Organisers: Dir. Prof. Dr. Falko Daim, Prof. Dr. Detlef Gronenborn, PD Dr. Martin Knoll, Dr. Allard Mees, Dr. Johannes Preiser-Kapeller, Dr. Rainer Schreg

The second workshop of the „AG Theory and Models“ within the framework of the SPP 1630 „Harbours from the Roman Period to the Middle Ages“ shall be devoted to two major areas of discussion:

  • Environmental history of harbours, ports and maritime landscapes: concepts and tools for the detection and analysis of entanglements between the natural and built environment in harbours, maritime settlements and their hinterland
  • Concepts of the “rise and decline” of ports and (maritime) societies in general: socio-economic models for the emergence and abandonment of harbours, port settlements and maritime connections within the wider framework of the “rise and decline” of complex societies

The workshop will be organised in two sections: one devoted to “theories and concepts” and one devoted to “practical applications and case studies”. While in the first section, invited speakers will present various approaches to the two major topics, followed by intensive discussion, the second section shall provide opportunity for colleagues from within the SPP to present examples for the usage of various conceptional frameworks in their respective projects. The result shall be a lively dialogue between theory and practice in the archaeological and historical analysis of harbours and maritime societies.


(every slot will consist of 25 minutes of presentation of the first speaker, 15 minutes of presentation of the second speaker and 20 minutes of discussion with exception of the first session on “Rise and Decline”)

THURSDAY, June 12th 2014:

13:00-13:30: Welcome, Opening remarks, thematic introduction (Gen.Dir. Prof. Dr. Falko Daim)

13:30-14:30: Concepts and Tools from Environmental History and Social Ecology I

  • Dr. Simone Gingrich (Institute for Social Ecology, Vienna): On tons and joules in history: quantifying the socio-ecological metabolism of past societies
  • Dr. Natascha Mehler – Prof. Andrew Dugmore (Univ. Wien/University Edinburgh, SPP 1630): A framework for the comparative analysis of North Atlantic harbours 800-1300AD

14:30-15:30: Concepts and Tools from Environmental History and Social Ecology II

  • PD Dr. Martin Knoll (Institute for History, TU Darmstadt): Tracing Transformations of Socio Natural Sites. Practice Theory based Concepts in Environmental History
  • Dr. Stefan Feuser (Heinrich Schliemann-Institut für Altertumswissenschaften, Universität Rostock, SPP 1630): The entanglement between the natural and built maritime environment in the Roman Imperial Mediterranean. An iconographic analysis

15:30-16:00: Tea/Coffee Break

16:00-17:00: Concepts and Tools from Environmental History and Social Ecology III

  • Dr. Rainer Schreg (RGZM): Harbours and their hinterland: case studies on their social and environmental interaction in Byzantine Crimea and early modern Panama
  • Dr. Jan Trachet (Historical Archaeology Research Group, Department of Archaeology, Ghent University): Medieval Bruges and its outer ports. A multi-disciplinary research project

17:00-18:00: Concepts of the “Rise And Decline” of Ports and (Maritime) Societies I

  • Prof. Dr. Christopher Loveluck (Department of Archaeology, University of Nottingham): Maritime-oriented societies and the emergence and disappearance of port settlements in northwest Europe, AD 600-1200: theoretical and conceptual frameworks of interpretation

FRIDAY, June 13th 2014:

09:30-10:30: Concepts of the “Rise And Decline” of Ports and (Maritime) Societies II

  • Dr. Hanna Stöger (University of Leiden, Faculty of Archaeology): From boom to bust or sustainable development? A Space Syntax view on Ostia’s adaptive capacity
  • Prof. Dr. Detlef Gronenborn (RGZM): Social cycles and neolithic societies

10:30-11:30: Concepts of the “Rise And Decline” of Ports and (Maritime) Societies III

  • Dir. Dr. Barbara Horejs (Institute for Oriental and European Archeology, Austrian Academy): Socio-cultural impact of maritime networks – an approach from Aegean prehistory
  • Johannes Preiser-Kapeller (RGZM, SPP 1630): (Un)friendly takeover. A comparison between the emergence of "Western" maritime networks in the "East” in the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, 800-1700 CE

11:30-12:00: Tea/Coffee Break

12:00-13:00: General discussion of the results

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