von der Römischen Kaiserzeit bis zum Mittelalter

Harbours as objects of interdisciplinary research – Archaeology + History + Geosciences

Claus von Carnap-Bornheim, Falko Daim, Peter Ettel, Ursula Warnke (eds.)

Harbours as objects of interdisciplinary research – Archaeology + History + Geosciences

Band 34


zu den Häfen von der Römischen Kaiserzeit bis zum Mittelalter in Europa

Band 5
Series editors Claus von Carnap-Bornheim, Falko Daim, Peter Ettel and Ursula Warnke



Johannes Preiser-Kapeller, Lukas Werther
Connecting Harbours. A comparison of traffic networks across ancient and medieval Europe

Ralf Bleile
No harbours without ships, no ships without harbours - shipwrecks as maritime cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea

Joris Coolen and Marianne Nitter
Any way the wind blows… Wind fetch as a determinant factor of the quality of landing sites

Thomas Engel, Axel Kunz, Hartmut Müller, Lukas Werther
Towards a virtual research environment for ancient harbour data


The Mediterranean

Assaf Yasur-Landau, Ehud Arkin Shalev, Paula Rut Zajac, Gil Gambash
Rethinking the Anchorages and Harbours of the Southern Levant 2000 BC-600 AD

Stefan Feuser, Felix Pirson, Martin Seeliger
The harbour zones of Elaia – the maritime city of Pergamon

Julia Daum, Martina Seifert
The Adriatic Communication Area: functional structure of Roman imperial port cities and their facilities along the Italic and Dalmatian coasts

Antonella Antonazzo, Marina Maria Serena Nuovo
Two ancient harbours on the Adriatic Sea: natural elements and anthropogenic infrastructures at Cala Incina and Torre Santa Sabina (Puglia, Italy).

Julia Daum
Trajans harbours at the Tyrrhenian coast

Nicolas Carayon, Simon J. Keay, Pascal Arnaud and Corinne Sanchez
The Harbour System of Narbo Martius (Narbonne, France) and its Facilities during Antiquity

Ada Lasheras González, Patricia Terrado Ortuño
New approaches to the study of the harbour of Tarraco: archaeological and literary research (3rd century BC - 8th century AD)



Vivien Mathé, Guillaume Bruniaux, Adrien Camus, Julien Cavéro, Camille Faïsse, Marie-Pierre Jézégou, François Lévêque, Corinne Sanchez
Geophysical Investigations into the Roman Port System of Narbonne

Valentina Caminneci, Vincenzo Cucchiara, Giuseppe Presti
Geoarchaeology at the ancient harbor of Agrigento


Iconographic and Written Sources

Stefan Feuser
Images and Imaginations of Roman Imperial Harbours

Dominik Heher, Grigori Simeonov
Ceremonies by the Sea. Ships and Ports in Byzantine Imperial Display (4th - 12th centuries)

Alkiviadis Ginalis
Emperor or Bishop? Skiathos and the byzantine harbour architecture in the 6th century AD

Myrto Veikou, Ingela Nilsson
Ports and harbours as heterotopic entities in Byzantine literary texts


The North Sea and the Baltic

Ingo Eichfeld, Daniel Nösler
Farmers, Merchants, Seafarers: A new discovery of an emporium of the 1st millennium AD on the southern Lower Elbe

Philip Lüth
Hamburg-Harburg. The harbor of a small medieval town

Bente Sven Majchczack, Steffen Schneider, Tina Wunderlich, Dennis Wilken, Wolfgang Rabbel, Martin Segschneider
Early medieval trading sites on the North-Frisian island of Föhr. First results of fieldwork in Witsum and Goting

Felix Rösch
The 11th century Schleswig waterfront. Formation, Development and actors of a commercial hotspot


Inland navigation

Lukas Werther, Lars Kröger, André Kirchner, Christoph Zielhofer, Eva Leitholdt, Michael Schneider, Sven Linzen, Stefanie Berg-Hobohm, Peter Ettel
Fossata Magna – a canal contribution to harbour construction in the 1st millennium AD

Andreas Wunschel, Peter Ettel, Michael Hein, Sven Linzen, Christopher-Bastian Roettig, Michael Schneider, Lukas Werther
The waterfront of Karlburg and Salz in the Early and High Middle Ages – interdisciplinary (geo)archaeological and geophysical studies

Lars Kröger
Ferry stations as small harbours. The role of river crossings in the workaday life at southern German rivers

Manuela Mirschenz, Steve Bödecker
The Rhine as a European transportation route in Roman times

Mark Driessen
The logistic function of the Rhine-Meuse delta in the Roman period: the harbour town of Voorburg-Arentsburg as a case-study.




The mainly geophysical and geo-archaeological oriented papers will be published in a

Special Issue in Quaternary International
“Integrated geophysical and (geo)archaeological explorations in wetlands”

(Guest editors: Christoph Zielhofer, Wolfgang Rabbel, Stefanie Berg-Hobohm, Tina Wunderlich).



(2) Direct push sensing in wetland (geo)archaeology: High-resolution reconstruction of buried canal structures (Fossa Carolina, Germany)

Hausmann, J., Zielhofer, C., Werther, L., Berg-Hobohm, S., Dietrich, P., Heymann, R., Werban, U.

Corresponding author: zielhofernoSpam@uni-leipzig.de

(3) Geoarchaeological evidence of marshland destruction in the area of Rungholt, present-day Wadden Sea around Hallig Südfall (North Frisia, Germany), by the Grote Mandrenke in 1362 AD

Hadler, H., Vött, A., Newig, J., Emde, K., Finkler, C., Fischer, P., Willershäuser, T.

Corresponding author: hadlernoSpam@uni-mainz.de

(4) The river harbour of Ostia Antica - stratigraphy, extent and harbour infrastructure from combined geophysical measurements and drillings

Wunderlich, T., Wilken, D., Erkul, E., Rabbel, W., Vött, A., Fischer, P., Hadler, H., Heinzelmann, M.

Corresponding author: tinawnoSpam@geophysik.uni-kiel.de

(5) The sedimentary and geomorphological imprint of the AD 365 tsunami on the coasts of southwestern Crete (Greece) examples from Sougia and Palaiochora

Werner, V., Baika, K., Fischer, P., Hadler, H., Obrocki, L., Willershäuser, T., Tzigounaki, A., Tsigkou, A., Reicherter, K., Papanikolaou, J., Emde, K., Vött, A.

Corresponding author: V.Werner@geo.uni-mainz.de

(6) Geoarchaeological investigations of a prominent quay wall in ancient Corcyra – implications for harbour development, palaeoenvironmental changes and tectonic geomorphology of Corfu Island (Ionian Islands, Greece)

Finkler, C., Fischer, P., Baika, K., Rigakou, D., Metallinou, G., Hadler, H., Emde, K., Vött, A.

Corresponding author: C.FinklernoSpam@geo.uni-mainz.de

(7) Water saturated sand and a shallow bay: Combining coastal geophysics and underwater archaeology in the south bay of Tel Dor

Lazar, M., Engoltz, K., Basson, U., Yasur-Landau, A.

Corresponding author: mlazarnoSpam@univ.haifa.ac.il




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