from the Roman Period to the Middle Ages

The Rhine as a European transportation route

The project “The Rhine as a European transportation route” comprises several subprojects with related research contents placed in a certain geographical framework. Thereby the focus is on investigations of harbours and landings on the middle and lower Rhineand the merchandise trade in their surrounding areas. Ecological factors affecting choice, utilization and abandonment of locations will be considered as well. The heart piece of each study will be prospection like drilling, geophysical prospection, including in the amphibian sphere, with connection to geoarchaeological and archaebotanical methods. We will operate closely together with other institutions, but also with companies featuring experience on the field of prospection. Sondages on selected sites shall complete the picture.

The results of the work will provide a good basis for future regional and supraregional comparable analysis. The close cooperation and networking of the staff will be a highly valuable advantage for this purpose. 

Cooperation partners
  • Christian-Albrecht-Universität zu Kiel, Applied Geophysics, Archaeometrics, Institute of Geosciences – Department of Geophysics
  • company Terrana Geophysik/Mössingen
  • LVR-Amt für Bodendenkmalpflege im Rheinland, Dipl.-Geophys. Jobst Wippern 
Archaeobotany and dendrochronology analyses
  • University Cologne, Institute of Prehistoric Archaeology, Laboratory for Archaeobotany
  • Johannes Gutenberg-University at Mainz, Institute of Proto- and Early History
Geography and environment
  • Bonn University, Department of Geography
  • Department of Geography – RWTH Aachen University
Pottery analysss
  • Free University Berlin, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry – Inorganic Chemistry
  • company Kühn Geoconsulting/Bonn
  • company MILAN Geoservice GmbH/Kamenz
  • company SOSO Jena

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