from the Roman Period to the Middle Ages


The project entitled Coordination handles coordination in general, the coordination of strategy and content, and the communication of organisational matters between the scholars participating in the SPP. This includes, in particular, the absolutely essential coordination of the subprojects by means of conferences and workshops.

The aim of this coordination is to formulate structural questions across all periods and geographical areas, to ensure progress, and bring together early partial results for the purpose of comparison.

In order to achieve the overall aims of the SPP, it is essential to have a smooth flow of information, so that those working on each subproject have early access to new research subjects and results and can continuously check their own methods and results in the context of the whole SPP. In reverse, this will permit a prompt adjustment of structural research targets and strategic objectives, across all periods and geographical areas, based on the most recent project results.

Workshops and conferences

The Coordination project organised a 'kick-off meeting' to start the SPP and harmonise research standards, create cross-discipline networks, develop synergy concepts for research and teaching, and determine the various exchange levels and frequencies.

Section meetings

Working meetings on specific topics within each section are planned for the exchange and discussion of intermediate results: the SPP is organised in four sections, in accordance with the methodological demands of the individual disciplines. Regular meetings are planned for each section, i.e. geophysical surveying and archaeological fieldwork; analysis of archaeological features; geoarchaeological research; analysis of historical and iconographical sources. Scholars working on the various subprojects will have an opportunity to present their work and discuss harbour research with colleagues using similar methods.

Interdisciplinary plenary meetings

Participants in the SPP will meet once a year at a general colloquium. These regular plenary meetings are to allow the research results obtained in the individual sections and subprojects to be brought together on an interdisciplinary basis. These working meetings will supplement the activities of the Advisory Board and be an essential element for cost and quality control.

Theme-specific workshops and working groups

Both national and international colleagues will meet for one-off workshops or at regular meetings of working groups to discuss cross-disciplinary topics.

International conference

An international conference with the specific aim of general networking and presentation was held at the end of the first three-year phase of the SPP in Kiel (titled: Harbours as objects of interdisciplinary research - Archaeology + History + Geophysics).

A further conference will be held at the end of the second three-year phase as an international Event in Mainz, organised for the purpose of making the results of the SPP available to our colleagues in international circles.

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