from the Roman Period to the Middle Ages

Tthe trade centre Rungholt (North Frisia)

Geoarchaeological investigations of North Frisian harbour sites of the 12th and 13th cent. AD along the river Hever based on the trade centre Rungholt


Beginning in the 11th cent. AD, the coastal region of North Frisia was subject to major geomorphological changes caused by extensive dike building. From the 12th to 13th cent. AD, the recently cultivated marshland offered a potential for the establishment of new seaward orientated settlements and trading centres beyond the Geest margins. However, due to the devastating effects of medieval storm surges, only little is now about these sites.

Based on the trading centre Rungholt, the project therefore focuses three potential harbour sites located along the Hever with the aim to improve our knowledge of their location, relevance and palaeogeographical context. For the first time, geophysical, sedimentological, palaeogeographical and geoarchaeological investigations will be carried out in the Wadden Sea in order to reconstruction the coastal palaeolandscape with regard to sea level changes and storm surges in the context of earlier North Frisian land reclamation.

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